4 Ways to Add Color in to Your Sustainable Wardrobe

4 Ways to Add Color to Your Sustainable Wardrobe- styled sustainable - sustainably colorful .jpeg

When it comes to sustainable fashion one of the most common complaints I hear is that it lacks color. Earth tones and neutral colors dominate the ethical fashion scene leaving many newcomers wondering if there’s an unwritten rule that sustainable fashion can’t be colorful.

If vibrant colors and prints are your jam, the lack of color can be frustrating however, there just may be a method to the madness. As Whitney Bauck, Assistant Editor at Fashionista.com pointed out, “if you're trying to create a piece of clothing that's timeless enough to be worn over and over rather than being destined for landfill after a few seasons, that's easier to accomplish with a foolproof color like black or navy than with a trendy hue like millennial pink or slime green. Plus, it's easier to live with less — a core value among conscious consumers — when everything you own matches everything else you own. Hence, neutrals that never clash become a mainstay.”

While I fully understand the beauty of neutrals— heck, the bulk of my wardrobe consists of black — I still enjoy a good ole’ pop of color. If you too are craving colors richer than olive green and blush pink keep reading for a few tips on how to add color to you ethical closet.

Choose Color.

From the girl with a closet full of black, I know how easy it is to keep purchasing neutrals despite your yearn for color — especially from the standpoint of wanting to build an interchangeable wardrobe. As tempting as it may be to continue business as usual, if a garment is offered in a color other than black, challenge yourself to go for the color.


According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is sent to the landfill or burned — crazy, right?! If you’re looking for something #sustainablycolorful, one of the best places to start is at your favorite secondhand shop. No doubt there is a plethora of polka dot prints, stripes and vibrant hues just waiting for you to take them home and give them a second (or third) life.

add Colorful Accessories.

One easy way to add color to your wardrobe is through your accessories. Whether it’s your shoes, bag, scarf, or jewelry — choose a color that completely contrasts your outfit for a fun pop of color. And, don’t forget your nails.


go monochromatic.

If you’re really craving color go all-in with a full-on monochromatic look. Keep it simple by opting for a colorful jumpsuit, or pair a colorful top with pants in a similar hue. Not only are monochromatic looks super easy to put together but they instantly give you a polished and refined look.

How do you add color to wardrobe? What colors are you gravitating towards?

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