Can Access and Sustainable Fashion Coexist?

Can Access and Sustainable Fashion Coexist? - styled sustainable tour

After a month-long cross country road trip we’re finally back in the office. From Nashville to New Orleans, Houston to Austin, Palm Springs and everywhere in between, we spent the better half of last month crusing from city to city, state to state meeting with brands, making new friends and having a little Styled Sustainable fun along the way.

If you follow The Sustainable Fashion Forum on Instagram you may have seen our poll where we asked you what frustrates you the most about ethical/sustainable fashion. 4K responses later, we tallied up the numbers and without a doubt access was the reoccurring theme.

At Styled Sustainable we love asking tough questions and facilitating real conversations that spark honest dialogue and leds to change. We’re thrilled to announce our first ever Styled Sustainable Tour where we’ll focusing on the theme - you guessed it, ‘ACCESS’.

From price point, to lack of diversity, or body representation, education and locational accessibility, join us in a city near you as we explore the complexities of ‘access’ and ask the question, can accessibility and sustainable fashion coexist?

for more details and to grab tickets click here!

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